New acquisitions

It’s been a long time between drinks. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy and tired. Some things came in the post today.

MacLion box with Matisse logo-style lion The first is a relational database for the Mac 128k from 1984 called MacLion, which appears not to have been archived before. I’ve uploaded it to Macintosh Garden.

Sealed floppy disk with sticker over disk door Licence sticker still on the floppy!

Very non-standard MacLion interface with Lion Command and Special menus and no Apple Menu The interface is not standard.

I have all the manuals — I’m going to try to scan them, but that will depend on making them feed on my work’s printer. See how we go.

Battered Tecmar hard disk The other is this Tecmar serial hard disk, which I bet you a thousand dollars won’t work. But it was $40, so it’s worth a try. Hard disks are meant to rattle, right?

I have a review of Word 1.05, written in Word 1.05, coming up soon. I also have an assignment due…