Software list

List of software tested to work on the 128k Mac.

System software

WinWorld has a really well-organised collection of early Mac system software.

The 128k Mac can run up to System 3.2, Finder 5.3 according to WinWorld.

System 1

System 2

System 3

WriteNow v.1

Excellent word processor. Review here. Macintosh Garden Macintosh Repository


Relational database with very non-standard interface. Macintosh Garden Macintosh Repository

Microsoft Word 1

Powerful early word processor. Note copy protection:

Building on Daxeria's comment in the [Macintosh Garden] chat room: “there's a simple hex editor hack that knocks out Word 1.05's copy protection:

  • Search for BEDD 6084 BEDD

  • Change it to BEDD 4E71 BEDD”

  • This is in the PCOD ID = 1 resource.

Macintosh Garden 1 Macintosh Garden 2 Macintosh Repository

Lode Runner

Money grabbing platformer.

Macintosh Garden Macintosh Repository