Return of the Blogger

Okay, so the “doing uni on a 128k Mac” thing didn’t work out so well. Not because of the 128k Mac, but because doing uni while dealing with five-year-old twins, the whole family getting covid and a series of horrible colds and working full time in a hateful job was…ambitious. Anyway, feelings of guilt associated with ditching the urban planning course were associated with this blog and I’m evidently weak minded, so it’s languished.

Until now. New job, kids older, covid over (ha!) — blog ahoy.

I’ve also migrated it from WordPress, which I found frustrating to use, to, which is part of the Fediverse and more attuned interface- and theme-wise with what I want to do here. We’ll see how that goes. This is a bit of a test, so on the off chance that anyone finds it sitting here like an island, there is a modest handful of predecessor posts from a website called that I need to point to

So, an update: I have a new desk setup. Out of the covid-work-from-home dungeon in my garage, which I think was poisoning me with a combination of agricultural chemicals, mechanical lubricants, and capacitor leakage. I’ve set up the little 128k in the actual house with its (fake) external disk, its ImageWriter and ThunderScan, its KoalaVision, its MacTablet, and a shiny new FloppyEmu Model C, which is a huge improvement over its predecessor:

Also some pretty over-dramatic lighting

I’ll go over some of this in the coming weeks, including the fun processes of getting things up and running and working out how to install software in the weird world of system 1 and 2.